Before & After Photos

Examples of before, during and after a job is completed.

Pressure Cleaning - Driveway

This photo was taken during a pressure clean of a typically mouldy driveway.

The right side has been pressure cleaned using an environmentally-friendly product called ‘So Safe’ that loosens the mould and grease. ‘So Safe’ is very effective and leaves a slight residue that keeps working after the clean is completed so you’ll experience longer periods between cleans.

In this photo the driveway is yet to be rinsed off hence the lines on the clean right side. The left side is yet to be pressure cleaned.

Pressure Cleaning - Roofs

Here you can see the effect of pressure cleaning on roofs with the ‘Before’ on the left and the ‘After’ on the right.

Mould, dirt and moss has built up on these roofs over time. Each was pressure cleaned with ‘So Safe’. The photos speak for themselves with the true colour of the roofs being revealed once cleaned to a very smart finish.

The residents at this retirement village were very happy with the results.

House & Roof Clean

The owners of this house loved how their house looked after ‘Steve’s Window & Pressure Cleaning’ had pressure cleaned their house, that they decided to also have the roof pressure cleaned.

Here you can see that the left side of the roof has been cleaned. The right side still has the mould and dirt on it.

Note that solar panels also build up dirt and mould. Cleaning them allows for them to work far more effectively.