Building & House Washing - Residential & Commercial

At Steve’s Window & Pressure Cleaning we are very experienced in Exterior Building & House Washing.

We can clean away mould, cobwebs, dirt & all kinds of stains & transform your building to look ‘like new’ again.

We clean the following types of buildings …

  • Brick Building
  • Fibro Building
  • Weatherboard Building
  • Cement Rendered Building
  • Timber Building and More ..

At Steve’s Window & Pressure Cleaning we have many years experience pressure cleaning all types of roofs – both residential homes and commercial buildings.

You can transform a mouldy, dirty roof with baked on stains and moss to a smart clean roof that enhances the look and value of your home or building. It can change the appearance dramatically and becomes a pleasure to look at.

We can also clean all areas around your building including:

  • Eaves & Fascia’s
  • Windows & Window Frames
  • Gutters – inside & out as needed
  • Downpipes
  • Verandahs & Paths
  • Garages & Roofs
  • Sail Shades, Gazebos & more …

We can Clean…

Our pressure cleaning equipment is the latest technology that transforms regular water into a high pressure jet, making the process fast and thorough, so dirt and mould is removed easily to give a clean & bright finish without damage to your property.

Firstly the area to be cleaned is sprayed with SoSafe cleaner and secondly it is water pressure cleaned. See Steve demonstrating in the video below.

The Chemicals we use

We use a range of cleaners from SoSafe that are very powerful and non-toxic (no chlorine). They do a better job than chlorine without the fumes and smell. In fact they are so safe they can even be used in food prep areas.
The area to be pressure cleaned is firstly sprayed with SoSafe and then secondly pressure cleaned.

The Equipment we use...

We use the latest industrial Kerrick petrol powered pressure cleaners that have the strength to really clean away the dirt and mould. Along with this we have extension poles to reach up to 8 meters from the ground to get to hard to reach spots and we have 11 meter ladders.

Did You Know ...

Pressure cleaning your building cleans away mould which can penetrate paint, timber and brickwork which can also end up inside the building if not attended to.


For high work we use certified safety harnesses and ropes to remain secure and safe. We have the necessary and required insurance and national certificates including Working at Heights certificates.

We turn up on time, are respectful of your property & our friendly service is always of the highest quality & integrity.