Pressure Cleaning

Pressure cleaning is a fast and efficient method that can transform all kinds of surfaces. Our latest technology uses your regular water supply and converts it into a high pressure jet, providing a fast and thorough, cleaning process so that dirt and mould and built up grime is removed easily and quickly to give you a cost effective way to restore a clean and bright finish to your home or commercial premises.

Building & House Washing

At Steve’s Window & Pressure Cleaning we are very experienced in exterior building and house washing. We can clean away mould, cobwebs, dirt & all kinds of stains and transform your building to look ‘like new’ again.

Roof Cleaning

Don’t let ugly roof stains & mould ruin the look & value of your property. We can pressure clean your roof & bring it back to life at a fraction of the cost of replacing your roof.

General Pressure Cleaning

Driveways, decking, gutters, swimming pools, fences, glass, bricks, concrete, eaves, gazebos gutters… the list is endless! You name it – we can clean it!