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Pressure cleaning is one of the most effective means of cleaning the exterior of a building, and if done right, can radically improve its appearance. It is a vital undertaking as a lot can accrue over the years—dirt, loose paint, and mold just to name a few. This is especially relevant to those living in climates that regularly experience windy and rainy forecasts.

Pressure washing is also ideal because it does not damage the surfaces it is cleaning. As opposed to power washing which uses hot water, pressure washing relies strictly on the pressure of water being used on a surface. It polishes and preserves the construction of the building, making it the fastest and easiest way to keep your exterior looking ideal.

We strive to provide only the best pressure cleaning in Lismore with an assortment of services to match.

Our Services

There is no limit to the services we offer. We clean both residential and commercial establishments and can handle a number of different needs, including:


Roofs are extremely common in needing a good wash down every now and again. Plenty can get stuck in those hard-to-reach places, and we can ensure a professional cleaning job to make sure that it looks spotless again.

Fully replacing your roof is expensive and calls for a lot of upheaval. Avoid this by getting regular pressure wash cleans to extend your roof’s lifespan. We’ll make your roof tiles sparkle again!


The outside of your building can quickly get mucky. With crevices and high up corners, there is a lot to maintain. That’s why we remove mold, dirt, cobwebs, and much more. Whether you are having visitors over or welcoming in new clients, the appearance of your establishment makes that all-important first impression.

If your building is for commercial use, we pay special attention to your signage. We know that’s what attracts new customers and allows people to find you on the street. This important feature is unfortunately one that can get dirty fast. Contact us to make your signage look as good as new!


We also provide pressure cleaning service for areas like driveways, swimming pools, gutters, and more. Any outdoor surface suffers from grime build-up that can cause deterioration problems. Our services bring out your property’s best side and keep everything in working order.

Whatever you need pressure washed, Steve’s Window and Pressure Cleaning in Lismore can help. Our friendly and competent team will make your property sparkle and shine like you’ve never seen before!

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Here at Steve’s Window and Pressure Cleaning, we take the cleaning and caretaking of buildings seriously. Whether you want to rejuvenate your house or better impress the customers coming through your door, we know how to make any building immaculate in almost no time at all.

We know how the weather in Lismore can throw debris left and right. Let us take care of it for you. Contact us today to book a service!

Proudly Serving Lismore

Lismore is a city in northeastern New South Wales, Australia and is located 46km from Byron Bay. Lismore and the surrounding towns were once part of the rainforest referred to as the “Big Scrub”, of which less than one percent remains following settlement. A section of this rainforest is viewable in the grounds of the Southern Cross University and at Wilsons Nature Reserve on Wyrallah Road. Steve’s Window and Pressure Cleaning has been serving the Lismore area since starting up and have become the leading provider for window and pressure cleaning in the area.


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