Leading Roof Painting Alstonville & Byron Bay

If you live in a coastal residential area, then you know that your home likely requires a little more upkeep and quality roof restoration services than most homes. The salty sea breezes can erode your paint away fairly quickly and leave your once brightly coloured home looking a little dull.

You could refresh the sides of your home yourself with some hard work and paint rollers, but what about your roof? Roof painting in Alstonville or roof painting in Byron Bay on your own could prove a little more difficult.

At Steve’s Window and Pressure Cleaning, we are proud to offer the roof painting services you need. We have been servicing these parts of the Northern Rivers for years, and we offer only high quality and efficient roof painting in Alstonville and Byron Bay.

Why Paint Your Roof?

Your roof can be as much as a third of the visible area of your home, so having a dull or discoloured roof can really make your house stand out, and not necessarily in a good way. Having a chipped and faded roof can make your home look dishevelled and significantly decrease its curb appeal.

With the right roof painter or roof painting in Alstonville, your home can be restored to its former glory with some help from fresh coats of colour.

We Provide Roof Painting in Byron Bay For All Types Of Roofs …

  • Cement Tiles

  • Colorbond surfaces

  • Iron or metal roofs

How Do We Do Quality Roof Painting?

High quality roof painting job is a result of the following:

  • Applying roof treatment to remove  dirt and grime

  • Pressure washing the roof

  • Using quality paints

Steve's Window and Pressure Cleaning - Pressure Cleaning Services on RoofsSteve's Window and Pressure Cleaning - Roof Painting, Roof Washing and Cleaning


The first step to quality roof maintenance and roof repair is to treat your roof with a patented, safe, and powerful product known as So-Safe. So-Safe is a non-harmful cleaning solution designed to target dirt, grime, and mould to get your room in prime condition for a fresh finish.

Then, our roof painter will carefully and safely pressure wash the expanse of your roof, making sure everything is fully clean and dry before we begin painting or roof restorations.

Our roof painters use only the best materials available in Australia to leave you with a long-lasting finish. Our choice is high quality Australian paints – Dulux Weathershield or High Build Paint.

We stock a wide range of colours for roof painting in Alstonville and Byron Bay so you can find your perfect shade when you decide to have your roof painted, and we also have a designer on hand to help you choose with our complimentary design service.

Are You Looking For An Expert Roof Painter Near You?

Rather than searching high and low for a quality roof painting in Alstonville or nearby suburbs, contact us at Steve’s Window and Pressure Cleaning. We have been reliably servicing and providing roof restorations and roof painting in Alstonville and nearby suburbs for years and have pride in our great reputation in the area.

Our roofing specialists use top of the line safety equipment and materials to leave your roof completely safe and looking brand new.

Byron Bay’s warm and tropical climate is beautiful, but the weather can erode or dull your home’s structure. That’s why it is important to keep your property – especially your roof – well-kept and clean in order extend its life and avoid expensive roof repairs.

Contact us today for more information on our roof painitng in Alstonville and roof painting in Byron Bay or any of our roofing services, or to schedule a paint rejuvenation!

Proudly Serving Byron Bay

Byron Bay is a beachside town located in the far-northeastern corner of the state of New South Wales, Australia.It is a popular area for scuba diving and snorkelling. Most diving is done at Julian Rocks which is part of the recently established Cape Byron Marine Park and only a few minutes boat ride from Main Beach.

Steve’s Window and Pressure Cleaning has been serving the area since starting up and have become the leading provider for window and pressure cleaning, roof painting in Alstonville, roof painting in Byron Bay, and surrounding suburbs.

Did you Know …

The roof space is a third of your building so if it is dirty and discoloured it really stands out.

A clean, newly painted roof can transform you home or building to refresh and enhance its look and add to its value.


As we will be standing on your roof we use certified safety harnesses and ropes to remain secure and safe, we have the necessary and required insurance and national certificates including Working at Heights certificates.